1 Year of the HSE Award in Angola

To increase all its employees’ involvement in improving the Company’s HSE performance, in 2016 SONADIETS – the joint venture between Dietsmann and the Angolan national oil company, Sonangol – introduced a monthly HSE Award. The employee who should receive the HSE Award is proposed and agreed at the beginning of each month during the Monthly Management Meeting of SONADIETS’ Managers. The photograph of the employee who receives the award and the reason why are displayed at all the sites at which SONADIETS is working.

The 12 employees who in 2016 received the HSE Award for HSE awareness and conduct that helped ensure the safety of their colleagues and maintain the Company’s good HSE image with its clients represented many different areas of SONADIETS’ activities.

At the beginning of 2017 SONADIETS’ top management decided to award an HSE Annual Award to one of the 12 employees who had received a monthly award during the year. The 2016 HSE Annual Award was presented to Rui Quimbamba by SONADIETS’ General Manager, Luis Almeida, in the Head Office in Luanda. Rui had observed and drawn attention to risky behavior related to the incorrect use of PPE during transfers by boat.