Local Employment Is A Key Objective

SONADIETS, like the other companies in the Dietsmann Group, strives to maximize local employment. To facilitate this, in February 2011 Sonadiets opened its state-of-the-art training centre in the Morro-Bento district of Luanda.

The aim of the Morro Bento Training Center is to answer the need for technically-trained staff resulting from Sonadiets’ growth and winning of new contracts and to ensure that, in line with the Group’s policy, as many local staff as possible can be employed. This not only benefits local communities and economies, it also benefits clients by reducing their expatriate costs.

Very soon after it opened, the Center began training  new staff for positions on the ‘Pazflor’ FPSO. The project presented not only the challenge of developing the required skills and know-how, but also of ensuring the cohesion of new teams that included both local Angolan employees and expatriate employees of many different nationalities.

The Center’s facilities include a 110m2 workshop that is fully equipped with instrumentation, electrical and mechanical equipment to provide practical teaching. This enables trainees to gain experience with the different technologies and equipment they will use in their work on site.

Preparing trainees means ensuring they are not only fully equipped to deal with typical oil and gas production issues, but also that they have a reasonable standard of spoken and written English, together with basic Math, Physics and Portuguese. The centre will ensure that technical skills are maintained and developed so that the technicians will perform exactly as required and expected on the vessels. To improve safety and prevent accidents, dangerous situations are also simulated without any danger in the workshop.

Today 70% of Sonadiets’ over 800 staff are Angolan nationals.