Sonadiets’ malaria awareness campaign goes to the second primary school

According to the World Health Organization, around 90% of the world’s malaria cases occur in Sub-Saharan Africa and Angola, and in particular Angola’s Luanda province, is one of the most severely affected areas. In the first half of 2018 a new outbreak of the disease in Angola resulted in at least 1.5 million cases of malaria and nearly 4,000 deaths being recorded. This new outbreak led Sonadiets – the joint venture between Dietsmann and Sonangol – to launch a Malaria Awareness Campaign with the theme “Fight against Malaria”.

The campaign was launched on 5 September in the Kilungi Kiami Primary School in Luanda Cacuaco. On 10 November 2018 the campaign went to the second school – the El-Shaddai primary in the Bairro Cazenga suburb of Luanda.

The aim of the classroom campaign is to increase awareness of this disease that is killing many children in Luanda province. The morning session focuses on informing the children about the risks of malaria and on the preventative measures to fight against malaria. The afternoon session focused on the remaining questions children had including the use of mosquito nets.

At the end of the day everyone is given a copy of the Fight Against Malaria brochure as well as Malaria treated mosquito nets.
The campaign day at the El-Shaddai School was attended by the School management, including Chairman Adão Temotio, Director António and Sebastião Kinanga, Sonadiets HSEQ Manager and people from the local community.