HSEQ Standards That Are Second To None In The Industry

Sonadiets’ commitment to ensuring the highest health, safety and environment (HSEQ) standards is extremely important due to the nature of the oil and gas industry and the challenges presented by many of the locations in which its employees work. Professional, effective maintenance costs far less than accidents resulting from the postponement of poor execution, not just in terms of lost production and shareholder value, but also of terms of poor health, injuries, fatalities, damage to equipment and harm to the environment.

Sonadiets provides all its employees with a safe and healthy workplace, onshore and offshore as well as high standards of occupational hygiene. Key performance indicators and targets for HSEQ issues are specified, in consultation with clients, and measured, benchmarked and reported against the best available standards stipulated by national and international legislation. All employees receive the training needed to enable them to carry out their tasks in a safe manner and are encouraged to participate in the continuous improvement of Sonadiets’ HSEQ performance.

This commitment to working safely is evidenced by Sonadiets’ achievement in November 2013 of seven years, or 8,000,000 hours, of work without a single Lost Time Incident. As a whole the Dietsmann Company consistently achieves the lowest LTFR and LTIR in the industry.

Sonadiets is also committed to conducting its activities in a way that avoids any detrimental environmental-impact. All environmental regulations and laws are complied with and clients’ standards for environmental protection are met. Waste generation is minimized through the effective use of resources and materials and when waste cannot be eliminated material recycling is promoted. Waste materials are disposed of in an environmentally-responsible manner and emissions that pollute the air, water or land are reduced to a practicable minimum. Improvements to methods for identifying, assessing and controlling environmental impact are sought continuously.

Find more information about the Dietsmann Company’s HSE Charter and policies on the Dietsmann website: www.dietsmann.com.