Sonadiets conducts its business in a manner that upholds its key values of transparency, efficiency, integrity, respect and loyalty. These values are applicable not only for Sonadiets but for all the companies within Dietsmann. They are laid down in the Dietsmann Business Code of Conduct and Ethics and translate into commitments to our stakeholders – our clients, our employees and society at large:

Sonadiets is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service by always listening to and learning from them, by tailoring its services to their specific requirements, by offering effective solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art but field-tested technology and leading-edge working practices, by being truthful in all its communications and by constantly striving to improve and to meet or exceed their expectations.

Sonadiets is committed to providing its employees with a working environment that is safe and rewarding, that fosters teamwork and mutual respect, that motivates and empowers creativity and innovation and that ensures equal local and international career opportunities.

Sonadiets is committed to strictly applying the highest ethical standards, respecting and caring for the environment and striving to be a good corporate citizen.